Being with a guy is something I had frequently fantasized about in my adult years, but just never did it for various reasons. Fear, nervousness, morality (kinda lame), health concerns and so on. The fact that I married young and did not want to cheat on my wife is another reason I did not follow this fantasy. However, when my wife and I separated and were all but divorced, I acted. I met "Dan" on a site like CL (back when you could do that) and we chatted via IM for a couple of weeks. We seemed to be very much the same: concerned about cleanliness, discretion and both divorced. While I had never done anything sexual with a man, he had more experience and considered himself bi. After all this chatting, we felt that we knew each other pretty well and arranged a meeting at his apartment... I showed up at his apartment, nervous and scared but horny as hell. Dan had sent me a couple of face pics and a couple dick pics before we met, and they looked good! (Considering the camera quality back then. ) In person, he was considerably shorter than me with a bit of a beer belly. And the moustache he had in his pics... Well, it look a bit scraggly in real life. But, I was super horny and was only thinking of cock, so those minor dissapointments didn't amount to much. Once fully in to his apartment, he offered me a beer and popped in a gay porn that I had brought with me. While the sounds and images of men sucking and fucking each other came from the TV, we chatted, and whenever possible, I would sneak a peek at his crotch. I wondered about the dick that was behind those jeans, and my breathing became shorter realizing I would soon be sucking my first cock. He caught me looking once, and asked how I was feeling. I knew this was it. It was beginning. "Horny. " Was all I said, and he reached over and put his hand on my crotch, and firmly squeezed my hard cock through my jeans. After a couple minutes of him rubbing me, and me watching him do it, he removed his hand from my lap and stood up right in front of me. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it too. I could see the outline of his cock as it hung off to the side and down. With shaky hands, I reached up and traced the outline of it over his jeans. Never had I been this close to another guy in this way. As I rubbed him through his pants, I could feel and see it getting a little harder. As I was touching him, he started unbuttoning his shirt, so I took that as my cue to go further and started to unbuckle his pants. With the buckle free, I started to undo the button, but it was so tight that he had to do it for me. With that accomplished, I reached for the zipper and slowly pulled it down, and stripped his pants down. Standing there with his pants around his ankles and his tight blue briefs still on, I could really see the outline of his cock now. He had boxer type briefs on and his dick hung down and off to the left. As I rubbed it through the fabric, it started to tent up the underwear. I couldn't take it anymore, so I grabbed the bottom of the underwear and cautiously pulled it down. His cock slowly came into view and looked thick and at least half hard. The underwear caught on the end of his dick and when pulled down farther, it sprang free and bounced right in front of my face. After getting the briefs down all the way, I raised my head back up causing his cock to run along the side of my face. It felt like it sent an electric jolt from where it touched me, out through the ends of my fingertips. He was so close to me that I could smell a combination of soap and a kind of musky smell coming from him. Being this close, I wanted to enjoy this moment. He looked fully hard and seemed to be about an inch longer than my six and a half inches and considerably thicker. My first cock was right here and just inches in front of my face. I reached up and wrapped my hand around it, feeling it's hardness and started slowly jacking him off. It felt like my own, but different. I could feel the soft skin moving up down over the hardness, and his cock felt like strength. Something like a panic was rising in me. I wanted to feast on his cock, go wild on it, suck him until he shot a load down my throat, but at the same time, I wanted this to last. As I masturbated him, pre – cum started to appear at the tip. "Here we go", I thought, as I leaned forward just a bit and ran my tongue over the head. It tasted fantastic, and the hardness on my tongue turned me on even more. I closed my mouth and greedily rubbed the head across my lips, getting them slick with his pre – cum, then opened up and put him into my mouth. I could feel the circumcised head slip past my lips and I ran my tongue around it. This made him moan, and that urged me to go another step further. So, I asked him to sit on the couch and then stood in front of him and began taking off my clothes. It didn't take long, and I was soon naked. My own dick was rock hard, throbbing and slick at the tip as I looked at this naked guy on the couch with his legs spread and waiting for me. He motioned for me to come closer and when I did he grabbed my cock and put the whole thing into his mouth. I could feel his moustache in my trimmed pubes as he grabbed my ass, forcing me to fuck his face. He gave me oral for maybe a minute or so, but I was here to suck, so I pulled back and got down on my knees in front of him. (On my knees between his legs is really where I wanted to be. ) His cock was lying on his stomach, so I picked it up and licked from the base all the way to the tip and shoved it into my mouth. At that point, I went wild on it, doing things that I like to have done to mine. I let the spit form in my mouth, and his cock became slick with it, so I started jerking him off at the same time. My hand would come up and reach my lips as he went further into my mouth. Occasionally, I would just jack him off and lick his big shaven balls. He seemed to like that a lot when I rolled those big balls around in my mouth. I looked up into his eyes and he was pulling on his nipples and watching me give him head. He was quietly urging me to suck it, telling me to go faster and harder, so I did. I desperately wanted to do a good job make him feel good, please him and I was so turned on knowing that I could do it. He removed his hands from his nipples and put them on the back of my head and gently began fucking my face. I just held still and let him slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel his legs start to tense up and I thought he was about to cum, and I wanted it. But, he stopped moving with his dick buried in my mouth and told me he wanted to cum on me and asked if that was ok. At that point, all I could do is nod because my mouth was full of cock. He told me to lie down on the floor, and I did. I lied flat down on my back on his carpet and he took a few seconds to just look at me there, then he then came over to my right side and started jacking off over me. I propped myself up on my elbows to get a closer look at this. His hand was wrapped around the cock that was still wet with my spit and moving in a furious pace. I started jacking myself as I watched this. I wanted to see that cum. I wanted to taste it. I wanted it all over me and he didn't disappoint. He told me he was close. "Do it", I begged. "Shoot it all over me. Cum on my chest. " And he did. His hand froze and the head of his cock got even bigger. The first shot hit my chin and sprayed on my chest, but I wanted to taste it, so I leaned in further and took him into my mouth as he was shooting again (this time on my cheek). When I had him in my mouth, his cock surged again and cum flowed into my mouth. There was a third and fourth surge and I swallowed it all, choking just a little as he forced himself down my throat. He backed off a bit and shuddered as I continued to clean him up. I could feel him softening a little and he pulled his cock out, before I wanted him to and told me he wanted to see me cum. He got behind me and rested his cock on my right shoulder as I scooped his cum off my chest for lube and started furiously jacking myself off. I turned my head to the right and could see his dick just inches from my face. It was oozing some remaining cum onto me. I wanted him back in my mouth, so I turned my head and tried to reach him. I couldn't quite make it, so he shuffled around a bit to make access easier. When I managed to get my mouth on him, his softening cock felt great in there and I just nursed on it as I jacked myself off. In no time, I was close. I remember taking a second to take in my situation. Here I was on this man's floor, completely naked with my legs spread and jacking off with his dick in my mouth. With that thought, my own cum shot out all over my chest, mixing with his. After coming down a bit, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, stood up and grabbed a towel for me. After cleaning up, we got dressed and sat on the couch for a few minutes, chatting like friends. I told him it was fun and he walked me to the door. I shook his hand, said thanks and left. I ended up meeting with Dan two more times while separated from my wife. Life went on and I had some girlfriends, but no other male encounters until my wife and I got back together a few years later. Then the guilt began as I went outside my marriage two times to satisfy my cock sucking urges.

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